Celebrating History Together


Mohammed N. Al-Baddah – Chairman

Mohammed N. Al-Baddah proudly carries the heritage of our Founder Chairman, and decades of reputable experience in the oil sector. After assuming the role of Chairman in 2003, he is fostering NBTC to a business enterprise well in touch with the 21st century demands.



K.G. Abraham – Partner & Managing Director

K.G. Abraham’s modest beginnings, over 38 years ago, is coupled with the tale of a man who dared to dream. Over the years, he has envisioned and empowered NBTC to the cusp of advancement. Under his dynamic leadership the company is now steadily progressing into diverse disciplines, across the borders. Abraham believes that NBTC symbolizes the spirit of our nation and remains versatile into the new generation.


  Our Founder

Naser M. Al-Baddah – Late Founder Chairman (1931-2003)

Late Naser Mohammed Al-Baddah, an ambitious entrepreneur and eminent personality in the Kuwaiti society paved the path and guided NBTC to its multi-faceted business.

Naser Mohammed Al-Baddah, to many, personified the spirit to excel. To us he also introduced an exceptional thinking – Building a company is as vital as building relationships.



Our Organization Chart