Building Future Together


NBTC’s management policy is centered on the interest of our clients. The workshop facility was initiated to fulfill the diversifying needs of the Construction Division and carries “U”, “qp”, “S”, “NB” & “R” stamps. Over the years, this support arm has successfully ventured into allied services vital to the energy and industrial sector. Spread across tactical locations such as Ahmadi, Mina Abdullah and Shuaiba Industrial Area, the workshop division operates as the following work centers.

NBTC is experienced and equipped to handle heavy and light fabrication works such as tanks, vessels, heat exchangers, pipe spools, and light, medium & heavy structural steel. The fabrication shops are equipped with multiple EOT cranes, sophisticated plate rolling machines, shearing machines and plasma cutting machines to carry-out precision works. To ensure close proximity, our shops are rightly positioned in the industrial belt of Ahmadi, Shuaiba and Mina Abdullah, and spread over 30,000 sq. mts.

NBTC offers the industry’s most-preferred method of surface coating with one of Kuwait’s largest Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant. The initial 6.5 M long diesel fired zinc kettle is well supported by an additional 12.5 M long electrical heated zinc kettle. The plant operates in three shifts to deliver over 1000 tons of galvanized steel per month, and stands as a benchmark for the industry.

The Grit Blasting Plant is committed to the best surface preparations, while retaining the uncompromising dimensions of environmental safety. Located in Shuaiba, this 8-Rotor Machine delivers a faster, cleaner and uniform surface finish; making it a favored process over the hazardous sandblasting. A second Grit Blasting plant is also operational in the Mina Abdullah fabrication shop, exclusively for heavy and uneven structures.

Value chain innovation is extremely important in a competitive environment. This farsighted belief was instrumental in the commencement of a Painting Shop along with the Shuaiba workshop facilities. The painting booth is integrated with our Grit Blasting Plant for structures required to be surface coated with speciality paints.

To support Fabrication Works, dedicated Machine Shops have been set-up alongside the Fabrication Units. NBTC understands the importance of state-of-the-art technology and CNC machinery to carry out tool & dye works, horizontal/vertical boring, milling, radial drilling, surface grinding, lathe works and more. Hence we remain up-to-date in our technical resources. The Machine Shops are located in Ahmadi and Shuaiba Industrial area.

An independent Electrical Motor Winding Shop is set-up to assume the role of repair, rewinding and overhauling of AC/DC motors, transformers, pumps, generators and other industry related equipment. The shop is well regarded for its on-call services and quick turnaround. The motor winding shop is another fine example of many services coming together for the advantage of NBTC clients.

With over three decades of experience in Fabrication, it was only a natural progression for NBTC to enter into Design, Fabrication, Repairs, Testing & transportation logistics of Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Heat Exchangers, etc.

NBTC is approved for use of ASME stamps, ‘U’, ‘S’  ‘NB’ and ‘R’ stamps from National Board of Pressure Vessels and Boilers and carries approvals with oil majors.

Valve Servicing & Testing is the latest addition to our core value of comprehensive services.

The facility is equipped with fully computerized digital recording and reporting, is one of its kind in the State of Kuwait. It is complimented by our existing in-house facilities of precision machining, NDE, blasting, painting, etc.

All works are carried out as per API Standards 527, 598 & 576 and the facilities are certified and registered under API Specification Q1 & Monogram for 6A & 16 A products and also ASME certifications: ‘U’, ‘PP’, ‘S’, ‘R’ & ‘NB’.