Celebrating History Together


NBTC activities are as diverse as our ability to think beyond. This is a testimony to some of the recently acquired facilities and subsidiary companies within the group. Standing up to the challenges of our conceptual and farsighted approach, NBTC is rightfully expanding with well-established operations in Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.

NBTC-Abu Dhabi & KSA

NBTC branched out to the other Middle East Countries, with the establishment of Branch Offices at Abu Dhabi & Dammam. The Branch offices are properly manned with qualified and experienced professionals to carry forward the rich traditions and culture of NBTC, developed and fine tuned over the years.



Mohammed Naser Al-Baddah & Partner General Trading & Contracting Company W.L.L., is an associate of NBTC and involved in Trading & Contracting for the oil and petrochemical sector. MBTC is also leveraging on the emerging opportunities in commercial & residential constructions, and offering a new dimension to the group.



Mezyad Ghanem F. Al-Ghanem Est. is a Saudi based contracting company and a strategic associate of NBTC. This partnership allows us to tender, manage and execute all projects of Saudi Arabian Chevron, Mina Saud and Joint Operations, Wafra and Al-Khafji. NBTC’s delivery capabilities have translated this cross-border alliance into a long-standing relationship.  


Ramky Group is a specialist multi-disciplinary organization. The Group’s focus in in the areas of Environmental & Waste Management. NBTC’s association with Ramky Group for various projects has developed into a strategic business association



Kaefer, a German-based company having operations world wide, is another strategic partner of NBTC. Kaefer Kuwait was established in 2013, specialized in Insulation    


Galfar is based in Oman. NBTC associated with Galfar Qatar to establish Galfar Kuwait by acquiring major shares in a construction company in Kuwait. Galfar is specialized in Infrastructural works in Commercial sectors.



Highway Center

From being a thorough progressor in related fields, the company has taken challenging steps to explore new arenas. The Group ventured into retail trading and marketing with the inception of Highway Center in 1994. The three supermarkets, situated in Abbassiya, Fahaheel & Mangaf are meeting the specific needs and lifestyles of the local and expat community.


KGA Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd.

Decades of related experience and in-depth knowledge has enabled NBTC to poineer into the Real Estate Business in India. In a stronger sense, over the years, our capabilities have been refined to plan, develop and execute mega projects in the commercial space.