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Honesty Award

Respect is earned, Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained, Loyalty is returned. One such example of honesty was demonstrated by NBTC employee and he was appreciated.
Sunil Dominic D'Souza, a native of Bangalore, has been working as an AC Technician at NBTC for the past ten years. As he was preparing to retire from the company and return home, NBTC transferred his service benefit through a leading bank. However, his Salary account was accidentally credited by bank with KD 62859/-, which is 30 times the amount. Immediately Mr. Sunil Dominic informed NBTC Management of the excess amount that had been incorrectly credited to his salary account. The erroneous transaction was reported to the Bank by the NBTC authorities. Later, the bank admitted that this was a technical error on their part.
At NBTC, we want to make sure that whoever makes a positive contribution is rewarded. NBTC Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Naser M. Al -Baddah presented the memento at a ceremony held at the NBTC Corporate Office. In addition, Corporate Director - Operations Mr. K S Vijayachandran gave a cash Prize of KD 250/- , Mr. Aninda Banerji (Group CFO) and Mr. Ben Paul (GM – MEP) handed over a Smart Phone and Certificate of Appreciation to the employee. Representing Highway Center, Mr. Benson Abraham (Dy. General Manager) presented to the employee with a Cash Award of KD 150/- on 20th January 2022 in the presence of Mr. K G Geevarghese (GM-WS), Mr. Praveen Sukumaran (DGM-Contracts and Subcontracts) and Mr. Rijas K C (Manager-HR).
In addition, the leading bank realized that the honesty of NBTC employee, Sunil Dominic D'Souza was priceless and invited him to the bank's Head Office and honored him. The bank management rewarded him with a Cash Prize of KD 1000/- & a Certificate of Appreciation.
Mr. Sunil Dominic Dsouza understands the value of hard-earned money as well as the state of mind once it is lost. We are sure that this noble act of Mr. Sunil Dominic Dsouza will surely encourage people to do good to others.


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