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Inauguration of the New Automated Piping Spool Fabrication System

On 17th April 2022, NBTC Heavy Engineering Division Inaugurated the New Automated Piping Spool Fabrication System.
The Inauguration was done by His Grace The Most Rev. Dr. Theodosius Mar Thoma Metropolitan with the presence of Very Rev. C. K. Mathew (Vicar - Immanuel Marthoma Church, Ahmadi), Mr. K.G. Abraham (Managing Director), Mr. Shibey Abraham (Director), Mr. K G Geevarghese (General Manager - Heavy Engineering Division) & Mr. Benson Abraham (Deputy General Manager)
NBTC Spool Fabrication Shop is equipped with most modern Automatic Piping Spool Fabrication line which can take from 2 inch to 24 inch dia Pipes and Fittings. Our Shop is capable of producing 750,000 inch dia joints annually. At NBTC, our experienced team can produce pipe from virtually any material in sizes ranging from ½ inch to 72 inch diameter.


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