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Inauguration of New Badminton Court

On 01st October 2022, Corporate Administration & HR Department hosted an Inauguration of the New Badminton Court Constructed for Employees at Staff Accommodation - 09, Mangaf.
The Inauguration was done by Mr. Benson Abraham, Director of NBTC Group with the presence of Mr. Manoj Nandhiyalath (General Manager - Admin. & HR (Corporate), Mr. Rijas K. C. (Sr. Manager – HR & Admin), Mr. Rineesh Chandran (Asst. Manager – Administration) and other Officials.
The New Badminton court was laid as part of our ongoing welfare measures for Employees of our Organization, said by Mr. Benson Abraham. The Inauguration ceremony started with the Presidential Address delivered by Mr. Manoj Nandhiyalath.
The Opening of the New Badminton court featured an Exhibition match representing Two Teams.
The New Badminton Court opened and dedicated for Employees as a part of our Management’s Ongoing efforts to foster the Overall Development and to ensure the Physical and mental wellbeing of Employees.


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