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India's Minister Shri V. Muraleedharan Visits Employees at NBTC Workers Accommodation in Kuwait

In a significant display of international collaboration and the strong ties between India and Kuwait, the Shri V. Muraleedharan (Union Minister of State for External Affairs & Parliamentary Affairs, Government of India), a delegation led by Dr. Adarsh Swaika (Ambassador of India to the State of Kuwait) and officials from the Indian Embassy paid a visit to Employees working at NBTC Group at their Accommodation at Mina Abdullah on Thursday, 24th August 2023.


NBTC Group's Managing Director Mr. K G Abraham, accompanied by Mr. Benson Abraham (Director), Mr. Manoj Nandhiyalath (General Manager-Admin & HR (Corporate), Mr. Aninda  Banerji (Group Chief Financial Officer), Mr. Ben  Paul (Sr. General Manager-MEP (Corporate), Mr.  Hamza Melakandy (General Manager-Trading Div.), and the entire staff warmly welcomed the Honorable Minister, the Honorable Indian Ambassador, and Indian Embassy Officials.


The visit aimed to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of Indian workers to the growth and success of Kuwait, highlighting the deep-rooted relationship between the two nations. This interaction offered a valuable opportunity to directly engage with the Indian diaspora, understand their challenges and contributions, and reaffirm the commitment of both nations to the welfare of their citizens abroad.


During the visit, Shri V. Muraleedharan met with Mr. K.G. Abraham, Managing Director of NBTC Group, and engaged in discussions about the important role played by NBTC Group and Indian professionals in strengthening Kuwait's economic landscape. The Minister also emphasized the crucial role of NBTC in fostering economic growth.


Addressing a gathering of NBTC employees, Shri V. Muraleedharan commended their dedication, hard work, and professionalism. He expressed gratitude for their efforts in representing India. He stressed that the Indian government is committed to supporting its citizens abroad and creating an environment that encourages their contributions to the global workforce. The minister was accompanied by Shri Aseem Raja Mahajan, who serves as the Joint Secretary in the Department of External Affairs (Gulf Region), and Dr. Chandru A., the Director of the Office of the MOS, during the visit.


The Family Benefit Funds of NBTC Group were dispensed to the rightful heirs of the deceased Mr. Laji Cherian Mamoottil and Mr. Raju Varghese under the auspices of the Honorable Minister.

NBTC Group's Managing Director, Mr. K G Abraham, affirmed that NBTC is fully devoted to ensuring the well-being and security of not only its employees but also their families.  By providing financial assistance and support to the families of the deceased employees, the NBTC Group demonstrates its values of compassion, empathy, and solidarity.


This visit of Shri V. Muraleedharan serves as a shining example of the power of diplomacy and international collaboration in addressing shared challenges.


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