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Inauguration Ceremony – NBTC Annual Sports Meet 2023-2024

The inauguration ceremony of the NBTC Annual Sports Meet 2023-2024 was held on November 22, 2023, at the NBTC Corporate Ground.

The event started with a safety moment, followed by an inaugural speech by the Managing Director, Mr. K.G. Abraham, who stressed the importance of sport in uniting the NBTC family as “One team, One family”.

In the speech, Mr. Shibey Abraham, Deputy Managing Director, emphasized the benefits of playing sports and how it helps to stay fit both mentally and physically. Mr. Hamza Melakandy (General Manager Trading Division), along with Mr. Jomy Varghese (General Manager – HED), Mr. Prince John (General Manager- PD) and Mr. Rijas K. C. (Sr. Manager-HR & Administration), extended their compliments to all participants in the Annual Sports Meet.

The sports meet was formally inaugurated by hoisting the NBTC flag. This was followed by the flame lighting relay and the athlete’s oath led by Mr. Shibey Abraham (Deputy Managing Director).

The friendly cricket match between the TSD Team and Corporate Tigers was inaugurated by the Managing Director, playing cricket and the NBTC Family cheered the leaders for their true sportsmanship and positive inner force.




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