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Commissioning Of New Crane CC8800-1

It is with great pride and happiness that we share this milestone moment. The Commissioning and Handover ceremony of the new CC 8800-1, 1600t Crawler Crane that took place on 07.12.2023 at NBTC, Al Khobar, KSA.


During this momentous ceremony, Mr. Yasuaki Kishimoto, the CEO of TADANO Middle East, conducted a ceremonial presentation of the Crawler Crane key to both our esteemed Managing Director, Mr. K.G Abraham, and Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Nasser Al Baddah.


The success of the event was further elevated by the presence of key individuals, including Mr. Benson V. Abraham (Deputy Managing Director), Mr. Shibey Abraham (Deputy Managing Director), K G Alexander (DMD - KSA Operations & Equipment Division), Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Al Yami (CEO – KSA Operations), Mr. Ben Paul (Joint Corporate Director-Operations), Mr. Manoj Nandhiyalath (General Manager-Admin & HR (Corporate)), Mr. Uttam William (General Manager-Procurement & MMD), Mr. Tibo Kuruvilla (Manager-Operations) and Mr. Craig P. Swartz (Regional Manager – Business Development & Heavy lift Operations). The Commissioning and Hand Over of the CC 8800-1 Crawler Crane will undoubtedly stand as a symbol of the company's ongoing commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving new heights.


This is the 1st Crawler Crane in GCC with euro 5 emission and advanced technology. A revolutionary machine that significantly expands our lifting capabilities and strengthens our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients.


The CC 8800-1, with a remarkable load capacity of 1600 tons, making it one of the most powerful cranes in the world. Excels across all categories, boasting an impressive maximum load moment of 27456 tm and a towering maximum tip height of 240 meters. Its user-friendly handling, versatile transport capabilities, and award-winning safety features further underscore its superlative nature.

This accomplishment marks a proud and joyous moment for our organization, and we extend our appreciation to all who contributed to the success of this ceremony.


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